Case Study — Vegan Burger

What do you see in the picture?

Most frequent answer: a fancy looking vegan burger. Absolutely right but there is way more beyond the obvious.

In the beginning we received the request for a natural black colorant for a bakery application. A few weeks later the same customer was coming back asking for a meat-like looking dye for a vegan burger patty (it was only a pale protein mass at this stage). No problem to provide various different shades of red. But we figured out that this project was more difficult as it includes more than one coloring pigment. After creating several samples the customer chose the blend that was matching his idea of the ideal patty color. His next question came almost immediately:

“Could you also provide us with a vegan flavor for the cheese and the patty?.”

Of course we could.

Why do we publish this case?

It describes our way of customer development: no matter how challenging your project might be, we will face the challenge together until we come up with a solution. And if the next challenge appears, you know how to reach us.

How can you get in touch with us?

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